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Devotions for those who are weary of feeling not good enough, regardless of the source of those feelings.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Stumbling Over the Barrier of Self-Justification...Thoughts From Day 12

"Don’t wait to become worthy before you run to His arms, come to Him now, come as you are. Your freedom journey cannot begin apart from the sustenance He provides. The fuel for this journey is Christ’s love."


When I have behaved badly, spoken out of turn, eaten what I should not, or in any other way been in the wrong; I always feel like avoiding the Lord.  

Even apart from the outrageous sinfulness of it, this is just plain DUMB. The sin of running from God ignores the miracle of Christ's death and resurrection; when we emulate Adam and Eve, who hid because they had disobeyed, we are acting as though Christ never came.  The stupidity of it is that our only hope of cleansing and healing lie in the Holy One our carnal natures encourage us to avoid.  

Whenever depression and grief threaten to overwhelm, I need to return to these truths quoted here from Day 12:

"Our tendency is to hold the Lord at bay until we can become righteous. This is self-defeating because the Lord is our righteousness! We can’t become “right” ahead of partaking of Him, but we nevertheless stumble repeatedly over the barrier of attempted self-justification. In so doing, we discover an excellent recipe for depression: give up self-comfort, determine to allow God to route out every hidden sin, look sorrows squarely in the eye, but fail to abide in the Lord." 

Lord, whenever we've sinned help us to run to You without messing around and wasting time trying to fix ourselves apart from You, in  Jesus' Name we pray, amen!  

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