Release from Self-condemnation

Devotions for those who are weary of feeling not good enough, regardless of the source of those feelings.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day 8 The Lord is Sovereign

...the Lord is the sovereign authority over all roadblocks in our path, some quite depressing or frightening. It is difficult not to cry out “Why?”
From day 8: We are allowed moments of transient joy that are a foretaste of Heaven, brief seasons of time when we bask in the light of ecstasy that has its source off-world, but for now we can’t keep these pleasures as our own...Earth is where we live for now, but Heaven is our home.  
At around 3:00 this morning, I came awake, upset about the various physical ailments that have caused me inconvenience, discomfort, or pain over the years.  It seemed very clear to me that the enemy of our souls, the devil, has been behind all the difficulties I've faced.  "I'd better get prayer partners to intercede for me," I thought.  It just seemed very logical that if I am to break free of the sorrows that have held me in their grip for too long, that I needed intercessors to run interference for me against the enemy.  

I composed a carefully worded email requesting prayer.  An hour later, when I (belatedly) opened my heart to the Lord in prayer, these thoughts came:  
The Lord shares His glory with no one. He is the prayer partner who will not let you down. Pray for your friends, but do not depend upon their prayers to do for you what only the Lord can do. He is your healer. He is your intercessor. 
Fear the Lord.  He is the One who holds your future in His hands. The ailments you have suffered have not been of the enemy, but are from the Lord, and are custom-tailored for your need to turn fully to Him.  How can you learn to be happy in whatever circumstance you are in if you have no challenges to face?  The Lord is in your challenges, and He is in the resultant, overcoming blessings.  
Prayer is powerful,  and our prayers for one another make our lives here easier. But today the Lord reminded me that He doesn't need anyone to help Him accomplish His will in my life. My best way of hastening the work He is doing within me is to abide in Him.

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